Rise of the Triad's upgraded (and bloodier) re-release is now available

As bombastic and silly as your Call of Duties and Battlefields may be, there are certain things you just don't see in shooters made today. Like eyeballs splattering onto your screen, or lava pouring from a roof, or a combination gun and camcorder, or a magical staff of electricity. Or pretty much anything that's part of Rise of the Triad, the now upgraded re-release of Apogee's 1994 FPS.

It's a direct remake - so updated graphics and gibbier characters aside - you should be signing up for the same warped Wolfenstein-like action. The Steam version also promises that Workshop support is on the way, letting players easily share mods and maps.

Rise of the Triad is now available from Steam and GOG , from £11.99/$14.99

Phil Savage

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