Dude, this Rise of the Triad multiplayer trailer is totally wicked

RotT featured

Heads up: we've got our first look at the multiplayer in the upcoming, modern revival of Rise of the Triad. Other than the modern shaders and polygons, it looks very, very faithful to the '94 original. After experiencing the underlying guitar riffs and floaty, arena shooter feel, you may suddenly develop the urge to lace up some Air Jordans and watch Seinfeld on VHS. There's also an equippable bat with an eye on it, which is really the kind of thing I feel like our Battlefields and Calls of Duty are missing these days.

The only mode we're shown is called "Comm-bat," which seems to be your standard, timed deathmatch. We haven't heard about any additional multipayer modes yet. Appropriately enough for the ice-skating-in-low-gravity movement and handling, it seems like almost all of the weapons err ludicrously on the side of widespread destruction over precision. Where we're going, you won't need ironsights.

The most recent info we've heard about the release date for the new RotT is "Q1 2013," which is already over. We'll keep you posted from the PC Gamer Retro Revival Monitoring Station on the dark side of the moon as soon as we know more.