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Rift three faction PvP hits test servers today

Rift - weird toad man shows his approval for a volcano

A new three-way PvP faction war mode will land on Rift's test servers later on today. From 4pm PDT / 11pm players will have the chance to and jump into a new PvP warzone in a new version of Stillmoor to do battle for a cluster of control points (or Sourcestone Extractors, as they're called).

As a member of one of three new factions, Ascended must seize a certain number of these areas to win. "The match ends when a single team has claimed 40% of the control points or 5,000 players are killed" explain Trion on the Rift site , "once this happens a 10 minute timer will start, this is your chance to make a last grab for control."

Dominion, the Oathsworn and Nightfall are the three factions in question. Their differences are philosophical, which means any Ascended can be a member of any team as long as they're up for a fight. "Are you a Ram, guarding the flock under your iron grip? Do you protect your pride, your virtue gold as the Lion's mane, keeping the helpless from harm? Or do you soar like a Raven into the twilight – cleansing all corruption in your wake across the universe, whatever the cost?" RAVEN FTW.

The three-way PvP is the latest in a long series of updates that Trion have been providing over the last year. The Infernal Dawn 1.8 patch is coming up next. That'll add a new 20 man raid, instant adventures, improved 'looking for group' tools and fishing. Find out more in our look at the recent Infernal Dawn Rift developer roundtable .

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