Ride giant, heavily-armed birds in The Falconeer's upcoming beta

The Falconeer straps pilots and guns onto giant birds and sends them into aerobatic dogfights with other falconeers, along with plenty of other flying menaces. It's a striking, agile aerial combat game, and it looks like there will be an opportunity to take it for a test flight, via a closed beta. 

You can sign up to the beta on the Falconeer Discord now, but it won't be starting until October, followed by The Falconeer's launch the following month. There's no specific release date yet, but it's coming this November. 

What's going to be shown off in the closed beta hasn't been announced, but you can expect some fights in the clouds and a chance to explore some of The Great Ursee. Developer Tomas Sala hung out with us at PAX East and showed off a demo, so check out the interview below for a look at what to expect. 

The fact that it's an open-world affair rather than segmented into discrete missions is especially appealing. The combat looks great, but I'm eager to just fly around on my big bird and explore. The Great Ursee is this drowned land full of the remnants of an ancient civilisations, lost technology and treasure, and there's stuff to discover both in the skies and beneath the waves. Forget about the quests and the factions, I just want to be tourist. 

Just look at some of these places:

Fraser Brown
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