This Destiny raid boss body pillow is here to give you comfort in the Darkness

Close up of Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness blushing and looking away.
See Leigh's full Rhulk body pillow design further down the page. (Image credit: Leigh Stein on Ko-Fi)

Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, is Destiny's latest raid boss, the son of Rhelik and Vrhuna, last of the Wanderers of Lubrae, master of the Glaive, subjugator of the Worm Gods, and, as we've recently discovered, a hunky beefcake fit for a body pillow. Artist and Destiny fan Leigh certainly felt that way, and seeing the coy pose and supple, guardian-kicking legs in their artwork, it's hard to disagree.

Leigh has been drawing Destiny 2 fan art since shortly after the game launched, and the story of the Rhulk dakimakura's inception is a relatively simple one. Inspired by a friend's effort to create a body pillow featuring Destiny's Crow—a troubled former villain and more low-hanging fruit than Rhulk, heartthrob-wise—Leigh immediately felt a similar treatment for the Witch Queen's raid boss would be a great bit.

Although Leigh initially worried that elements of the Destiny community wouldn't take the artwork well, they've found other players to be rather receptive to this unique portrayal of a primordial cosmic horror.

"It started as a joke, but it was immensely fun to do," says the artist. "I'm still amazed at the positive reception it's gotten and I have laughed so, so much at the reactions, good and bad, I’ve gotten! I thought it hilarious, still do, and have no regrets."

Not content to just leave it at "daddy long-legs" as the artist affectionately calls Rhulk, they have now gotten to work on a more cuddly and approachable take on the Witness, aka the Entity, aka the Voice in the Darkness, the physical representative of the paracausal Black Fleet in this reality, the—you know what, you get it.

There he is, the man of the hour. (Image credit: Leigh Stein on Ko-Fi)

The pattern for the Rhulk pillow is available for purchase in Leigh's Ko-Fi shop alongside a selection of Destiny and Borderlands fanart stickers, soon to be joined by Rhulk's coworker, the Witness. 

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