Retailers are selling Intel ‘KA’ series Avengers Edition Comet Lake CPUs

Intel Core i9 10900K box with gaming PC behind
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Intel has been known to release special edition processors from time to time, like the Core i7 8086K anniversary CPU celebrating 40 years of x86 computing. But a tie-in with Marvel would be a first. It's also happening, if multiple overseas listings for new "KA" models are any indication.

As you may already know, a "K" designation means the CPU features an unlocked multiplier, which makes it easier to overclock. The "A" designation is a new one, however, and it apparently pegs these new SKUs as being Avengers Edition CPUs.

Several retailers have listed these unannounced CPUs on their respective storefronts. One of them, Hanoi Computer (via Guru3D), specifically labels these as Avenger Edition models, complete with a pixelated picture of the presumably themed retail packaging.

It's likely these are real, given that more than one retailer is listing them. Pricing varies by territory, but if using (via Videocardz) as a reference, here is how it breaks down:

  • Intel Core i9 10900KA—€514.97 (~$609.96)
  • Intel Core i9 10850KA—€476.29 (~$564.14)
  • Intel Core i9 10700KA—€400.08 (~$473.88)
  • Intel Core i9 10600KA—€273.02 (~$323.38)
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Interestingly enough, at that particular retailer, the Core i9 10850KA costs the same as the regular Core i9 10850K, while the other KA models are actually slightly cheaper than their K counterparts.

It also seems that the specifications are same between the K and KA editions. So it basically boils down to themed packaging. Who knows, maybe there will be more to the promotion, like a download code for the upcoming Marvel's Avengers game, which is due to arrive on September 4.

This is a bit of an usual thing for Intel, but I suppose when you're being flanked by an army of tantalizing Zen 2 CPUs that is about to bolstered by Zen 3, you have to think outside the box. Or dress up the box, as it were.

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