Intel's Core i7-8086K anniversary edition CPU is now available for a limited time

Intel's newest Coffee Lake processor, the Core i7-8086K, is now to available to order from several online vendors, though maybe not for long. The special SKU, which pays homage to 40 years of x86 computing, is only being produced in limited quantities, reportedly 50,000 units.

This latest chip is basically a binned Core i7-8700K. Like that part, the Core i7-8086K has 6 cores and 12 threads to go along with 12MB of L3 cache. However, both the base and boost clocks are 300MHz faster at 4GHz and 5GHz, respectively. The boost clock is of particular interest because it's the first time Intel has released a consumer chip that can hit that speed without overclocking.

"The Intel Core i7-8086K limited edition processor is more than just a commemorative processor. It celebrates Intel’s legacy of industry-leading performance by featuring our first 6-core, 12-thread processor with integrated graphics in an 1151-pin package supporting a 64-bit instruction set," Intel said when announcing the part. "The Intel Core i7-8086K processor is also the first Intel processor to deliver up to 5GHz single-core turbo frequency out of the box, fully unlocked for overclocking."

As the new processor lands in the hands of users, we'll have a better idea of how it overclocks. In the meantime, extreme overclocker Der8auer already put an early sample through its paces with liquid nitrogen, hitting 7.24GHz. That entailed ripping the integrated heatspreader (IHS) off, a process known as delidding, and tweaking the voltage and other settings.

In doing so, he also discovered that Intel is once again not soldering the IHS, and instead is using a grease-based thermal interface material (TIM). Intel has been criticized for using what many have considered to be low quality TIM on its recent process releases. It's not yet clear if Intel is using a higher quality TIM this time around.

The asking price for the Core i7-8086K is $425. You can find it at Amazon, or for a penny less at either Newegg or Best Buy. In the UK, it's available at OverclockersUK for £379.99.

If you want to try and win one instead, Intel is giving away 8,086 units as part of a short sweepstakes that ends later today. To enter, head here and enter in your email address and country/region.

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