Respawn producer appears to tease new Apex Legends character

(Image credit: Tina Sanchez, Twitter)

An Apex Legends developer appears to have teased the next character coming to the battle royale shooter by sharing images from a Respawn motion capture session.

Tina Sanchez shared the image above on Twitter alongside another picture of her wearing a suit covered in sensors and carrying a cane. "Working on Apex Legends stuff," read the tweet. 

In response, a fan asked if the images relate to Crypto, who is rumored to be the next Apex Legends character. Sanchez simply responded with a mouthless emoji.

(Image credit: Tina Sanchez, Twitter)

The speculation that Crypto, presumed to be a hacking specialist, would be the next Apex Legends character begun when a laptop showed up in King's Canyon before the start of Season 2: Battle Charge. Crypto was also one of the names that showed up in early datamines of future character names.

You can read all about the speculation here.

Thanks, Dot Esports.

Samuel Horti

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