Crypto: What we know about the next Apex Legend

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The Apex Legends train is rolling through with a bunch of new stuff going on in Season 2: Battle Charge. Wattson is out in the wild, and we've prepared a comprehensive Wattson guide to help you master the most recent legend's abilities. But what about the next Apex Legends legend?

We're looking towards the future and collecting every scrap of detail we can about the next Apex Legend. We want to know who's coming next, and while Respawn hasn't shared anything concrete, it has made hints that point toward a possible hacking specialist. Here's what we've learned so far.

Who the next Apex Legend might be

Mock-up of datamined legends via frozenfroh and Surgent179 on Twitter.

Mock-up of datamined legends via frozenfroh and Surgent179 on Twitter.

(Image credit: Twitter)

Respawn is still focusing on Wattson and Season 2's new battle pass, so it'll probably be a while before it shares anything concrete on the next legend. That said, players already think they know who to expect—Crypto, presumably a hacking specialist.

The speculation began when Crypto's laptop showed up in King's Canyon before the launch of Battle Charge. At the time, this was a hint at the Leviathans being let loose in King's Canyon. Back when players datamined a bunch of supposed upcoming Legends from the game, Crypto was among them.

The jacket seen at the beginning of the Battle Charge launch trailer (watch below, he's in the first few seconds) is similar to the one leaked months ago, so it's pretty clearly the same person. Considering Respawn put some work into teasing him in  the trailer, players believe he is the next legend.

If Crypto is coming next, his abilities could focus on disrupting enemy squads or hacking the environment to his advantage. Personally, I think it'd be fun if his laptop could lock doors or create audio distractions. The leaked images from earlier this year show what looks like a sword on his back, so he could also be melee-focused.

Respawn producer teases Crypto

After a recent tweet from an Apex Legends recording session, Respawn producer Tina Sanchez responded to one fan's query about Crypto with a mouthless emoji. You can interpret this any way you want, but for my money, it's a playful hint at Crypto not being a well-kept secret.

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