What we know about the next Apex Legend: Wattson abilities, release date, and leaks


Apex Legends Season 1 brought the narco-speedster Octane with it, but if you listen closely, you can hear the rumbles of another new legend. Originally datamined alongside Octane, Wattson is evidently the next legend who will be joining the party in Kings Canyon, and the intel is that she’ll be arriving during Season 1. 

Questions surround this upcoming battle-electrician, but we do have a few details so far. Let’s dig into what we know—and what we can speculate—about her.

Who is the next Apex Legend?

Datamined pictures of what players believe to be Wattson’s character portrait and model reveal an emphasis on electrical powers and some past injuries. They also make it look like she’s carrying a bit of extra baggage, perhaps the Tesla Trap or another bit of thematic equipment. The lightning bolt iconography, present in both the outfit and ability icons for Wattson, reinforces the info gleaned from the intro cinematic. This info places her as the daughter of the Apex Games Lead Electrical Engineer Luc Paquette. That'd make Natalie Paquette the first insider to the Apex Games, with all the other Legends so far being either outcasts, misfits, or outsiders. In fact, she may be the first character to offer more insight on how the Apex Games work and their lore. 

What is the new character's release date?

While originally Respawn was vague on how many Legends we would get in Season 1, an accidental mention on the PS4 info page for Apex Legends  briefly made it clear we would get “two new characters” before it was retracted. With Octane being the first, we can expect to see a second before Season 2 in June. Octane released on March 19th, so I'd wager Wattson might arrive around the midpoint of Season 1's 90-day duration, May 4. 

On the other hand, one argument for Wattson not arriving in Season 1 would be the Battle Pass rewards, which are already laid out. Would Respawn retroactively add Wattson cosmetics to the Battle Pass, or just exclude the character from its contents?

While there hasn’t been any official statement on when to expect Wattson, the gameplay trailer released with Apex's launch shows what appears to be Wattson’s distant and blurry figure beside Octane, perhaps the strongest indication that these characters are arriving in the same time frame.

What are Wattson's abilities?

With Octane so focused on movement, I think that Apex's next addition will probably focus on different shock tactics. Tesla Trap seems like an ultimate ability I agree with the speculation that it will create some kind of field or area, possibly a temporary barrier, probably with electrified area of effect damage. The shield in the background of the icon does undermine this idea of a damaging barrier, but given the presence of Gibraltar's bubble, I feel like a Tesla Trap probably isn’t literally shielding teammates. 

I think we’ll see an ‘immovable object’ counterpoint to Octane’s mobility.

With existing Arc Star grenades, we also see a blueprint for electrical-style damage—shields are disabled, and a stun effect comes with it—which may continue over to damage from the Tesla Trap. It’s possible it could be placed on walls or ceilings as well to create unusual barriers or areas of damage. Given the potential similarities to Nox Gas Traps, I'd expect it to be able to be destroyed, though I wouldn’t count on it being as easy to do so if Tesla Trap is an ultimate ability.

The other two ability icons are harder to interpret. The signal bars on an electrical bolt seem to be either draining or filling shields, and my guess is that this is an area of effect. The arrows could indicate something unusual, like the ability to pull in enemies for example, but they could also simply be a stylistic choice. 

The last ability icon, with four diagonal slashes and a full lightning bolt, seems to visually key off of full shields. This could indicate a bonus or buff of some kind when Wattson is at full shields, anything from a small damage boost to a movement bonus. It could be even simpler, and be a similar regeneration to Octane’s Swift Mend, but for shields.

Where is this info coming from?

We’ve learned a lot from dataminer Shrugtal and their efforts to tease secrets from each update to Apex Legends. They discovered the aforementioned art assets for Wattson earlier in March, along with ability icons and possible details about those abilities. The lowdown on Wattson’s real name and background comes from examining details in the digital newspaper in Apex Legends’ intro cinematic—cleverly zoomed in—which describes Natalie Paquette as the “daughter of the Games’ Lead Electrical Engineer, the late Luc Paquette.” and is how we know much of who she is, and can all but confirm her being Wattson. 

My best guess

Wattson will probably show off a different style of reactive gameplay. With the opportunity to change parts of the battlefield with a wall of electricity and give an advantage to her squad by messing with enemy shields in the area, I think we’ll see an ‘immovable object’ counterpoint to Octane’s mobility. It seems obvious Respawn is aware of the issues with Caustic, and I think that will be reflected in the style of kit Wattson is outfitted with.