How to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village survive the attack
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How do you survive the attack in Resident Evil Village? Nothing kicks off a survival horror game like wandering into a deserted village that's suddenly teeming with werewolves. The sheer number of them is enough to spin anyone into a panic, but I'm here to help you handle them.

The main thing you need to know for this section is that you can't kill every enemy, and it's pointless to try. This test relies on you heading to the right locations, rather than showing off your shooting skills. If you want to make quick work of this challenge, here's how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village.

How to ward off the Lycans and survive the attack in Resident Evil Village

Explore the buildings

After venturing into East Old Town, you'll begin to hear the snarls of aggressive creatures called Lycans. I went into the building opposite the East Old Town gate to start. While you're in a building, the Lycans will begin trying to claw their way in, and Ethan will note that you're surrounded. I carefully shot at the Lycans through the windows and killed all of the ones that entered the barn. Once the coast is clear, the radio downstairs will crackle and you'll hear Luiza calling for survivors to go to her house.

Use cabinets to block doorways

Look out for cabinets with yellow tape on their right side. You can pull these across doorways to stop the enemies flooding indoors. As you explore each building in this area you'll find additional ammo and resources like gunpowder and scrap. Now, onto the neighbouring building. Walk outside and head next door. There's a wooden crate to smash outside before you enter.

Find the shotgun, but don't waste ammo

You'll need a bit more firepower to survive this sequence, so I recommend finding the M1897 shotgun as quickly as possible. You can find it on the table in the large building (above). Again, there's another cabinet here that's perfect for blocking the front door.

As I mentioned earlier, there's no way that you can take out every enemy in this section. Trying will see you run out of ammo quickly and likely die once the Lycans have taken a few chomps out of you. Avoid wasting your ammo by only shooting when you absolutely need to. And as with any FPS, always aim for the head.

Continue walking around this house to pick up all the items, and craft more as you go. Take the ladder to go under the house, and try to dodge the enemies that follow as much as possible. There's a hole in the stone where you can crouch and exit (above).

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Run and dodge enemies

If you're in a sticky spot at any point, remember you can guard to take less damage, or shoot your way out of a corner. Once you're outside again, you'll see even more Lycans and a huge enemy with a hammer. There's room to zigzag around these creatures, so now it's time to run to the next area.

Head towards the houses that are on fire. There's a tiny bridge over some water just ahead of a red gate. Run through the gate and turn left, then head to the pot swinging over some logs (above). A cutscene triggers here where you're pushed to the ground and Lycans on horses appear. You'll be nose-to-nose with their leader for a few moments, then the enemies will flee. Scoop up the remaining items in the area, then head over to the large gate that just opened to access the main village area.

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