Resident Evil 7 demos green herb application and flesh-puncturing bullet wounds

Resident Evil 7's steady flow of in-game footage teaser trailers have shown as that while its devs are keen to reinvent the horror genre, there's a lot of the series' DNA weaved through its new first-person presentation. 

Last week, we learned how saving our game will echo the games of yesteryear, and that we'll be required to once again master limited inventory management. The latest teasers to seep out of the Resi 7 vault demonstrate both confrontation and how we'll apply familiar medical supplies in the aftermath. 

Firstly, the latter (notice the protagonist's smartwatch which now appears to act as a health status identifier):

Secondly, the former. Much like previous Resident Evils, it seems pretty unlikely the above would cure the below, however the skin-tearing animation here as a foe is seemingly felled is pretty impressive. Observe: 

Resident Evil 7 is due January 24—make sure your system requirements are up to scratch before then.