Resident Evil 7 drops more teaser videos that echo series DNA

From the little we've seen so far, Resident Evil 7 marks a distinct change of pace from the rest of the enduring series. The new first-person view has upset some players—some have criticised its hide-and-seek-styled teasers for failing to align with its action-leaning forerunners—however snippets of familiarity have been steadily unveiled since its E3 reveal. 

Green herbs, for example, are in—so too is limited inventory management and powerful weapons. The latest half-minute teasers depict the protagonist saving their progress via a tape recorder, à la typewriters of previous games:

As well as breaking open handgun ammo-housing loot boxes, and using a knife to force open a fuse box: 

Taken alongside the shorts that surfaced over the weekend, it's clear that for all number seven is moving in a new—and, for me, welcomed—direction, it's nevertheless keen to retain the elements which make the series instantly identifiable. For more on how Capcom is handling old versus new, do check out Sam's conversation with game director Koshi Nakanishi.

Resident Evil 7 is due January 24, 2017.