Resident Evil 4's awesome reloads: 16 GIFs from RE4 HD

Leon S. Kennedy doesn't just blow the heads off of zombies and Ganados like a boss. He reloads his guns like a boss, too—and he was doing it before flashy reloads were cool. Shooters released since Resident Evil 4 have added progressively more detailed animations to their gun reloads, but Capcom set a high bar for reloads in 2005. There's something incredibly tactile about the way Leon slams a new round into the bolt-action rifle. And when he whip-cracks open the Broken Butterfly, violently jams new rounds into it, and slams it shut...well, at that point he's just showing off.

After playing through the new HD port of Resident Evil 4 , I decided to capture Leon's dramatic reload animations in high quality GIF form. Almost every gun in the game is represented below, and the animations are embedded in bandwidth-efficient HTML5 form. Give one a click if you want to share a link or download the original GIF version.

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