Resident Evil 4 HD Project shows off reworked Assignment: Ada mode

I'm feeling very Resident Evil-y today, in light of the second game's 20th anniversary Stateside. The Resident Evil HD Remaster—the 2015 reworking of the 2002 remake—is one of my main series favourites, and the prospect of a modern age RE2 excites (read: terrifies) me.

The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is a fan-made venture that we've covered several times in the past and, as the name suggests, aims to retell the fourth Resi today. Project leader Albert has now shared a load of new before and after screens relevant to the game's Assignment: Ada mode, as well as a new trailer which walks through the changes in practice. 

Check out the gallery in full in this direction, and let me share a few of my favourites.

And here's some of that in moving picture form: 

I'm a sucker for the granular nips and tucks the Resident Evil 4 HD Project makes to the original, and I appreciate how its videos spend time poring over how the adjustments feature in-game. We take it for granted nowadays, but the addition of a minuscule details—such as protruding levers on circuit breakers, or the visible wear and tear found on clay waste pipes—really floats my boat. 

As I write this I'm suddenly aware of how sad that all sounds, and I wonder if I'm willfully buying into these details as means of deflection. When I'm so terrified of zombies and El Gigantes and Chainsaw Men, perhaps focusing on the smaller things makes me feel better. 

At present, the HD Project's creators are unsure if enemy models can be edited "without any side effects". I'll be straight behind the couch if they eventually work this out. 

More information on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project can be found here.