Renaissance Heroes brings some old-time flair to the FPS scene

When you hear the words "fast-paced arena" or "adrenaline-pumping action," you don't typically think of a 16th-century cultural movement, but that's why Renaissance Heroes caught our eye. The newest free-to-play FPS on the scene mashes the two together in an elegant ball of alternate history, and it actually seems to kind of work.

Renaissance Heroes re-envisions the era with factions competing for blueprint pieces of a world-changing Leonardo da Vinci invention. Various guns and crossbows reflect the atmosphere of the Renaissance, and there's something incredibly hilarious about the concept of characters in ornate pantaloons duking it out to a harpsichord-laden soundtrack.

The free-to-play game includes all the usual gameplay modes, including deathmatch and a variant of capture-the-flag renamed "Seize the Scrolls." Renaissance Heroes is already ready to go for you on Steam , and there's a pretty hefty 75% discount on DLC bundles till next Wednesday.