Remnant 2 has 'secrets within secrets within secrets' that not even the most hardcore players have found yet, says principal designer

 A character from Remnant 2 channels arcane magics.
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In what feels like a threat to completionists, Remnant 2's principal designer Ben Cureton took to Twitter yesterday to expand on the volume of the upcoming soulslike third-person shooter's hidden secrets:

"No one has seen or obtained 100% of everything #Remnant2 has to offer. I'm talking about hardcore players with over 400+ hours, reviewers that had early access, even our own internal developers. No one."

This isn't particularly shocking given as the game's not even out yet, but considering the type of player cited it's still impressive. Remnant 2 expands on the procedural generation of the first game, playing on its many-worlds concept. 

In an interview with IGN earlier this year, Gunfire Games promised as much, stating that even the storylines of the game would be randomly generated—they're all hand-crafted, sure, but the way they slot into your playthrough will be different every time.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that not even the most hardcore early-access marathon player has seen 100% of Remnant 2's secrets. It's not like you can pick which arrangement you get, so it could require dozens of playthroughs to cover every inch of ground—more if you're just that unlucky.

This isn't inherently a bad thing, of course—it's a fun departure from typical soulslike fayre. Other entries in the genre allow the player to develop a sense of familiarity over multiple playthroughs, turning you from a scared scrub inching around every corner with your shield up into a terrifying killer, who rips ass through the Undead Burg in 10 minutes.

Still, the claim itself reminds me of the internet tizz around Baldur's Gate 3's "17,000 endings" last week. While it's a number that's technically true, in practice it's not applicable. Once the internet's hit Remnant 2 with its combined might, I'm sure we'll have a robust wiki to comb through. If you're wanting to go in unspoiled, though, you'll have plenty to uncover.

Fortunately, not every kind of completionist will suffer at the hands of storyline RNG: "We made sure obtaining 100% Achievements is very player-friendly", Cureton wrote, elaborating that the hunt for secrets is intended as a bonus activity for players who've "already achieved that goal." So while a full catalogue may be a community effort, you won't be stuck in a Groundhog Day loop trying to get a '100% completion' down on paper.

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