Release party: Offensive Combat, I Am Weapon, Carrier Command, and more

Offensive Combat

I'm still recovering from last weekend's one-two punch of deadpan delivery and violence-tinged humor that was Dredd 3D, so I'm relieving my cratered sense of logic (seriously, how can Eomer see out of that helmet? ) with a slew of indie and not-so-indie releases restoring normalcy with banana suits, majestic space cruisers, and "infuriating clowns." Read more after the break.

  • Browser-based multiplayer FPS Offensive Combat leaves it up to the player in determining how serious or wacky your experience gets, so expect simultaneous sightings of grim-faced soldiers and neon-green robots wearing banana suits pelvic thrusting over corpses. It's in open beta starting today.
  • I Am Weapon sounds like something a Psycho would scream at you in Borderlands 2, but it's really an action/tower defense hybrid including--I'm not kidding--"all types of infuriated clowns you could ever imagine! Their laughter makes you go crazy!" Grab the demo at Sigma's website .
  • Bohemia's Carrier Command: Gaea Mission lets you hop into the cracked leather pilot chairs of customizable flyers, divers, and tankers while managing a network of island resource chains. Grab it for $50 .
  • Tactical terrain demolisher Cortex Command evoked a " Eureka! " out of us for its Worms-on-steroids design and the simple coolness factor of directing ant-sized troops into battle as a brain in a jar. Steam has a 10 percent discount promotion running until next Friday.
Omri Petitte

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