Red Orchestra Darkest Hour mod gets new maps and tanks in huge 5.0 update

The Darkest Hour mod brings the Western Front of World War 2 to Red Orchestra. The huge new 5.0 update adds new vehicles and maps that will let players fight through the most famous battles of Operation Market Garden, including the fight for Carentan and Hill 400. Read on for a list of the new features.

For full details on the update, head over to the Darkest Hour site. The mod is completely free to anyone who owns Red Orchestra, and can be downloaded now through Steam . Here's a summary of the new maps and vehicles.

The new maps:

  • Bridgehead

  • Caen

  • Cambes-en-Plaine

  • Carentan Causeway

  • Gran

  • Hill 400

  • Kommerscheidt

  • Lutremange

  • Poteau Ambush

  • Simonskall

  • Vieux Recon

Vehicles for the Allies:

  • Sherman M4A3E2 'Jumbo'
  • GMC 2.5 Ton Truck
  • Sherman M4A3 (75 mm)W
  • Sherman M4A3 (76 mm)W
  • M-8 Greyhound
  • M-18 Hellcat

Vehicles for the Germans:

  • Jagdtiger (Jagdpanzer VI Ausf. B)

  • Marder III Ausf. M

  • SdKfz 234/1 Armored Car

  • SdKfz 234/2 "Puma"

  • Jagdpanzer IV Ausf F (L/48)

  • Jagdpanzer IV Ausf J (L/70)

  • StuH 42

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