Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Roger Clark has released the first of his cowboy audiobook series

(Image credit: Roger Clark)

Yeehaw, Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2's voice actor Roger Clark has just released a new audiobook of Max Brand's 1921 cowboy novel Way of the Lawless.

For $19.95 through Payhip, you too can listen to Roger Clark's sublime, smoky tones and he whisks you away to the ol' West once again. Unfortunately, this isn't available on Audible, meaning you'll have to use a different player. It's worth it though for that golden, rugged voice.

Way of the Lawless is the first of Clark's 'Unbridled Audio', where he will, in his own words, "introduce a series of Western novels put into audiobook form as only he could". So if you really like cowboys, or just really like having Clark's voice envelop you in its strong, manly embrace, keep an eye for future installments.

As for the actual book, it tells the story of Andrew Lanning, an outlaw on the run from a determined pursuer, Hal Dozier. It's got horses, it's got men on horses, it's got men on horses chasing each other, and it's got men on horses chasing each other while wearing hats. It's perfection.

For those not already convinced by "Arthur Morgan reads a whole book about cowboys to you", there is a preview of the audiobook available on Vimeo.