Record-breaking Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $3 million

Speedruns weren't the only records being broken at this year's Awesome Games Done Quick, which raised a grand total of $3,133,898.56. That's more than $700,000 higher than last year's AGDQ, and $100,000 more than the previous Summer Games Done Quick. The money raised from these 54,160 individual donations goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Some of the highlights have been uploaded to YouTube and others are available on Twitch—you can see a list of the complete collection at the GDQ VODs website. Among those especially worth checking out are the Fallout Anthology run by Tomotoangus (with a silent g), who made compelling use of props to explain how it was done, Amid Evil being run by Psych0sis with the game's designers chiming in over the internet, the first ever run of The Outer Worlds at AGDQ by Sharo, and another first at AGDQ, Terraria. That one has some ups and downs to say the least, but it was saved by speedrunner Badger's relentless positivity and sense of humor.

There are plenty more to see as well if you've got the time, although I might skip the co-op relay on Final Fantasy 8 that went for nine hours and 10 minutes myself.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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