Realm of the Mad God devs acquired by social games company Kabam

Realm of the Mad God

The team behind bonkers indie MMORPG-shooter-thing Realm of the Mad God , Wild Shadow Studios, has been acquired by social games company Kabam.

Kabam's roster of browser-based social games includes Edgeworld, Kingdoms of Camelot, and The Godfather: Five Families. Gamasutra report that SpryFox - creators of Triple Town and SteamBirds - have sold their stake in Wild Shadow but designer Willem Rosenthal will stay involved in Realm of the Mad God as it continues to grow.

"Our development resources have grown exponentially by joining the Kabam family" Wild Shadow Studios founder Alex Carobus told GamesBeat . "Look for tons of new content in the coming months. We know our fans are going to like what they see."

More resources are a good thing, but hopefully this doesn't spell the end for the game's anarchic charm. Realm of the Mad God's biggest strengths are its pace, the disposable nature of its tiny little pixel heroes, and the vast trains of players that occaisionally form to hoover up every monster, item and scrap of XP in the countryside - it'd be a shame to lose that to pay-to-progress social gaming orthodoxy. Check out our Realm of the Mad God review for more on the game.

Chris Thursten

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