Realism Theater: Watch this 100-man cooperative city raid in Arma 2

Arma 2 Chimney Sweep

Mil-simmer maestro Dslyecxi regularly orchestrates operations within Arma 2 as the leader of Shack Tactical , an established Arma 2 enthusiast group. He's caught our eye in the past with PVP convoy ambushes and large-scale training maneuvers . Chimney Sweep, his latest production, tops the scale of his previous stuff: a claimed 100 soldiers (two platoons' worth) bounding between the custom Cinder City map, which is filled with computer opponents using a custom headless client algorithm.

No, it isn't what it sounds like. Essentially, a headless client runs on an Arma 2 server as a sort of dedicated offloading destination for AI resources. With it enabled, Dslyecxi explains , efficiency and responsiveness of AI increases nearly 10 fold, freeing up processing power to deliver a smoother game. Currently in beta from, the headless client shines in managing a gigantic AI task force—numbering in the hundreds—in Chimney Sweep.

Have a look for the exceedingly punishing FISH and CHIPS Dslyecxi's group experiences. Again, not what it sounds like: FISH is British military acronym lingo for Fighting In Someone's House. CHIPS is Causing Havoc In People's Streets. You couldn't ask for a more perfect summation.

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