Put Arthur to work as a bartender, dockworker, and deliveryman in this Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

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Sometimes a game world is so appealing that even after you're done with the main story missions, the side quests, and the sightseeing, you simply want to stay a while longer. And even if you haven't finished an open world game, it can be nice to have some extra activities to fill in time between actual missions. 

Either way, this mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 will keep you busy—and even let you earn a bit of extra money. The Jobs Mod gives kind-hearted outlaw Arthur Morgan some gainful employment between knocking over banks, playing poker, and endlessly listening to Dutch's plan.

You can become a miner, an assistant bartender, a delivery driver, a dock worker, and even a hunter or shepherd. Each job will give you tasks to complete and reward you with some honestly earned cash at the end of your shift.

With the mod installed, open your map and look for some new yellow icons in the cities, which indicate a character you can speak to for a job. If you want to work for the mining company, you'll find a pickax waiting for you in Annesburg. There are bartending jobs in Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, and Valentine, where you'll bus tables, clean glasses, and break up occasional fights between customers. If you want to get out on the road, you'll find delivery jobs in Saint Denis, Strawberry, and Tumbleweed, which will have you transport goods, wagons, and even people around the map.

If you still want to feel like a cowpoke, you can also be a shepherd in Saint Denis and Blackwater, driving sheep all the way over to Valentine using the same herding systems you only get to do a few times in RDR2's storyline. You can also work as a hunter for hire, tracking down animals for customers in Saint Denis, Strawberry, and Annesburg. Finally, there's dockwork available in Saint Denis and Annesburg, which includes guiding in boats, fishing, and cleaning up the docks. 

I installed the mod and tried out being a bartender in Saint Denis, where I scrubbed tables clean by walking to the ones marked on my minimap and tapping the spacebar. Then I cleaned some glasses and broke up a fight between some drunk patrons. Things went a little wrong when a cop arrived and I accidentally punched him. Then a whole bunch of other cops arrived, and let's just say I'm currently headed to Blackwater to see about a shepherd job instead.

You'll find the Jobs Mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 here on Nexus Mods. You can also support the creator of the mod, Bolmin, on Patreon.

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