Razer's Turret lapboard lets you game in comfort on your couch

Razer Turret

If you've bought into the idea of playing PC games on your big screen TV in your living room, you might be interested in Razer's new Turret peripheral, which just graduated from prototype to a shipping product.

Razer's Turret is a three-piece system consisting of a wireless laptop keyboard, an integrated magnetic mouse surface, and a gaming mouse with a 3,500 DPI sensor. What Razer's trying to do is bring keyboard and mouse controls to the couch without the awkwardness of wires or a separate surface to lay them on, such as a TV tray.

"The Razer Turret brings the immense world of PC gaming to a previously impossible frontier—the living room—where only consoles have traditionally roamed until now," says Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. "Finally, we have a perfect solution for gamers to enjoy the unrivaled precision of a mouse and keyboard combination from the comfort of the couch with the durability and reliability that PC gamers demand."

The Turret comes with a wireless 2.4GHz adapter for connecting to your PC, though it also has Bluetooth LE baked in for hooking up a console. Either way, there are no wires to mess with. Razer says it designed the Turret with ergonomics in mind so that it fits on a user's lap. The keyboard portion has chiclet styled keycaps, and it also has dedicated Android buttons—for times when you're not using it with a PC.

When not in use, a foldable hinge allows you to tuck the mouse surface beneath the keyboard before plopping it and the mouse into a dock. According to Razer, you can get up to four months of usage out of the keyboard and 40 hours of nonstop play on the mouse before having to charge them.

There's a cost to the convenience Razer is offering, and that cost is $160. If that sounds reasonable, you can purchase one direct from Razer today.

Paul Lilly

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