Razer launches white/grey versions of its most popular accessories

Ever since the birth of the company, Razer has stuck by its main colors: black and green. The two shades have been immediately identifiable by gamers and tech enthusiasts world wide. Which is why we were shocked to see the company go completely inverted on a number of its most popular accessories, and man do they look sexy.

Check out this photo, shot by Craig/Mini Ladd on Twitter:

Departing from the usual black-themed gaming products, I find the light colored options really refreshing, and the best part of the Mercury line is they still feel like Razer.

There are four products currently in the lineup:

Blackwidow X Chroma mechanical keyboard
Kraken 7.1 gaming headset
Lancehead gaming mouse
Invicta dual-surface mousepad with aluminum base

All four products are available now in two new colors, mercury (white), and gunmetal (grey). The normal black versions are also available. Save for the front-facing colors, all features remain the same.

Tuan Nguyen
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