Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard down to £90

There's a newer version of this particular keyboard available, but the V2 is nearly double the price of the original at the moment. Right now on eBuyer, you can get yourself what used to be our favorite gaming keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, for £90.  

The price has dropped on the BlackWidow Chroma recently thanks to the launch of its bigger brother, and that means the older version is still an enticing product. It uses Razer's own clicky mechanical switches, it's got five programmable macro keys, and of course, as the name would suggest, there's an obscene amount of lighting customization options. 

It comes with a bunch of presets, or you can change each key individually to do whatever you want. A number of games such as Overwatch and Diablo III have their own lighting presets which work automatically when you load up the game too. 

As for the price, £90 is the cheapest it's been for several months. You're not saving as much as £55 as eBuyer would suggest because it hasn't been £145 for a good long while now. The price is £20 cheaper than Amazon right now though, and it usually dips up and down between £110 and £140 over there. 

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