Razer announce Talon: a bio-exoskeleton for gamers. Pre-order now and get free Venom

Razor Talon Thumbnail

Razer have announced "Talon," a revolutionary peripheral that will let gamers achieve almost unbelievable speeds during play.

Read on for the details, and an endorsement from Slayers_Boxer himself.

Pro gamers' APM (Actions Per Minute) usually peak at 300 but, according to Razer's official website , gamers can hit speeds of up to 3000. That's ten times as quick. This is achieved thanks to the peripheral's ability to overload player's nerve endings due to a "NerveLoad SysOps module." Hot tech indeed.

Pre-order on the website and you'll get sent a free pack of "Venom" which can further enhance your skills. Pro Starcraft player, Slayers_Boxer endorses the Talon, saying: "I believe this is the next step in human evolution. These are my new hands."

What do you think of Razer's new product? Is it a step too far, or could it have to power to revolutionise pro-gaming? Rich has already pre-ordered but his APM currently peaks at six.