Rainbow Six Siege trailer showcases the British

Rainbow Six Siege

We might not have Jack Bauer around to single-handedly eliminate terrorism (and good phone etiquette), but we British are dab hands at the old crime-bashing, I'll have you know—just ask Dixon of Dock Green, that policeman from Balamory, or Reg from The Bill. Fellow Europeans Ubisoft must be aware of this, as they've just released a new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege detailing the game's UK Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Judging by the flags at the end of the above video, there's going to be a range of national teams to play as in the game, and each one will doubtless be accompanied by its own trailer (it is the Ubisoft way, after all). For now, however, Siege remains relatively trailer-light, so let's all enjoy a new look at this promising multiplayer-focused tactical FPS.

The British unit specialises in rappelling, aerial assaults, light armour and gas, that last one on account of all the curry houses we frequent during an average day. It's unclear how many characters you can play as in each unit, or whether you can make your own, but the trailer introduces Smoke, Mute, Thatcher and Sledge, who carries a massive sledgehammer. Presumably Smoke enjoys a ciggie, Mute isn't much of a talker, and Thatcher once dismantled the welfare state.

Tom Sykes

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