Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Blood Orchid launches tomorrow

With Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid update arriving tomorrow, Ubisoft have put together a new trailer featuring all three of the game’s new operators, along with their unique abilities, as they get down to business in the Theme Park map. 

The trailer gives us another look at Hong Kong operators Ying and Lesion, as well as the new Polish operator, Ela Bosak. If you want to see them in action rather than in a cinematic trailer, take a gander at the Gamescom stream below. 

As well as three operators and a map, Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege will also tweak pre-existing operators and maps. Expect reworked textures, polished dynamic and static lighting, richer sky domes and more customisation options. 

For more details, take a look at the full patch notes.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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