Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion's map has been leaked

Update:  Footage of Rainbow Six Siege's Morocco map has leaked, giving us a much more detailed look at the Atlas Mountains stronghold. The leak comes courtesy of Redditor velocitycontrol, who alleges that the video comes from Ubisoft Thailand. 

From the inside, it looks more like a self-contained city than a fortress. It's an elaborate, multi-levelled affair, and I suspect it's going to take a bit of time for everyone to memorise its nooks and crannies. Good thing we're sneaking this early look, then.

Update: Ubisoft has revealed more about what's coming in year 3 season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Wind Bastion, which will see two members of Morocco's Groupe d'Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale [GIGR, not to be confused with France's GIGN] special operations unit join the fight. The first operator, a Defender, is the commander of the unit, "as stoic as the mountains are immovable," Ubisoft said. "Strict and imposing, he inspires respect and has taken it upon himself to guide the future of Moroccan Special Forces." 

Keeping the cosmos in balance, the second operator is an Attacker: "She’s among the few explorers who can cross the Sahara, climb up the Alps, trek through Asia’s rainforests, march along the Arctic Circle…and still return to her unit in operational shape. Perceptive and resourceful, she’s an expert on environmental operations with a knack for pushing the enemy back." 

The map Ubisoft teased earlier today is a fortress in the Atlas Mountains that apparently serves as a GIGR training facility. "You’ll have the rare opportunity to test your skills inside a stunning mudbrick kasbah," Ubisoft said. "Enjoy unprecedented roof access, but do try to stay focused despite the breathtaking oasis just next door." 

The full Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion reveal will take place on November 18 during the Pro League finals.   

Original story:

We’ve known that Rainbow Six Siege would be taking a trip to Morocco for a year, but until now we’ve not known much more than that. Ubisoft’s first vague teaser for the new map, appearing on Twitter yesterday evening, doesn’t really change that. It does, however, suggest that the wait won’t be much longer. 

Accompanying a sedate gif featuring billowing curtains in a dusty but ornate room, there’s a brief message in Arabic: “Welcome to Morocco”.

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Minor changes made to the global version of the game ahead of its launch in China have not gone down well with a vocal, review-bombing section of the community, so Ubisoft is undoubtedly keen to move discussion towards new maps and operators. It might be working, too, as responses to the announcement on Twitter only rarely reference the changes. 

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