Rainbow Six Siege breaches into Minecraft in this delightful fan-made short

As all Rainbow Six Siege players know, Sledge's sledgehammer is a powerful breaching tool. Its ability to punch perfectly rectangular holes in drywall is superhuman. So, it's not a surprise that one day he'd swing the hammer too hard and end up in an alternate Minecraft dimension.

This fun short posted by Reddit user n0lberg on the Siege subreddit has already garnered nearly 50 thousand upvotes. There's a lot that's impressive about the video, but the gadgetry is what sticks out most to me. Throwing out the drone and using the map as the observation tool is perfect.

n0lberg told me over DMs that they made the video all on their own, but did use a pre-built version of the House map in Minecraft and preexisting skins. Though, they did have to make "some custom textures" to pull it off. n0lberg also didn't use any mods. The rappelling effect was probably just careful use of the flying possible in creative mode, if I had to guess.

Since Minecraft is inherently a game with freeform breaching, I see so much more potential in this crossover. I want a complete Minecraft Siege mode that mods in breaching charges and operator gadgets. Make it happen, world.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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