Rainbow Six Pro League Year Two goes PC exclusive

Ubisoft has announced that Year Two of the Rainbow Six Pro League will get underway later this month, kicking off three seasons of esports action leading up to a grand finale that will determine the one true Global Rainbow Six Champion. This year's competition will be different from last year's in one big way, however, because this time around, it's PC only. 

The first year of Pro League ran parallel PC and Xbox One tournaments, with the $100,000 prize pool at the end of each season split equally between them. But Ubisoft said that going exclusively with the PC this year will "ensure a bigger and better development of the competition." 

“By going all-in with PC, we wish to bring a higher level of engagement and entertainment to the competition, promoting the positive values that we embrace: the dedication our pros have for the game, their discipline, their hard work and the sacrifices they make,” brand director Alexandre Remy said. 

As with last year's competition, the end of each season will see the top-ranked teams from North America, Europe, and Brazil competing head-to-head at a live event for $100,000 in prize money—this time, all for the PC. The Rainbow Six Pro League Year Two competition will begin on March 20 in North America, March 23 in Europe and March 26 in Brazil, with the finals set to take place at Katowice on May 20-21.   

And now, a slightly over-the-top inspirational video. 

Andy Chalk

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