Railworks 2 out now, half price on Steam

Railworks 2

Yes! Railworks 2 Train Simulator is now available on Steam, and if you buy it before October 25th, it's half price.

The game lets you drive an accurate selection of trains "from the age of steam to the present day", across eight different routes. All of these are painstakingly recreated with "accurate signalling and signage," and there's also a career mode with 50 scenarios to play through that will have you comparing performance and competing with other drivers across the net. But the best part is the new editing tools.

Those editing tools let you create your own routes, laying down tracks, erecting stations and placing villages and forests. You can then save your creations and send them to others so that you can prove your indisputable dominance in the dog-eat-dog "creating virtual train sets" arena.

For more information, head over to the Rail Simulator site, or check out the Steam page , where the game is available to buy now for £15.

Tom Senior

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