Yayz: RaiderZ enters open beta

RaiderZ battle

Shopping for clothes usually doesn't involve slinging fireballs into a hulking chimera the size of three smaller chimeras stacked on each other, but that's RaiderZ for you. Perfect World's monster-hunting MMO tweaks generous grinding demands with a David-vs-Goliath size scale for foes and a gearing philosophy of transporting the still-fresh body parts of your kills to vendors to wear as trophies. Such a mix of mercantile barbarism is what heroes will experience within RaiderZ's open beta, currently underway.

Signing up for the hunt doesn't take long: Register an account on the official website, download the client , and start swinging. Hey, if we can appreciate RaiderZ's twitchy energy after foolishly poking a giant wolf in the snout with a stick, imagine what a coordinated attack can accomplish.

Though, appending a "Z" at the end of a title in the hopes it sounds cooler just drives me crayz.

Omri Petitte

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