Rage to ship with full level editor, id studio

Rage Thumbnail

Want to mod Rage? Good. Speaking to PC Gamer at a recent press event, Id Creative Director Tim Willits revealed that the PC version of Rage will support modding and level design right out of the box. All you need to do, says Tim, is "Pull down the console, type 'id studio', then press enter. Then, bam, there's all the tools we use."

As for what you'll be creating, that's a little trickier; Id's technology has moved on since you could fit 100's of Doom levels on a CD. "Building levels from scratch is more difficult," says Tim, "because we have a layer system in some of the levels. I can foresee somebody modding up Wellspring (a town in-game) and adding different characters, giving them different voice-over." But if you've got the development skills to use it, the level editor will be there. "It's built into the engine," says Tim.

Will you be creating levels for Rage? Do let us know. We'll try and feature the best mods when Rage launches in September.