How to save Nick in The Quarry

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Want to find out how to save Nick in The Quarry? Supermassive's newest narrative horror game is a minefield of choices and knock-on events that can often lead to the unforeseeable and gory deaths of its cast. Working out how to save any specific character is a challenge, let alone trying to work out how to get them all through the night.

In this guide, I'll walk you through the key choices and actions you need to take in order to save Nick. As you'd expect, there are going to be a lot of spoilers in here, so if you are still planning to play the game blind, I'd leave now. It's also important to note that you're going to have to save Kaitlyn in order to save Nick, so it's worth making sure you know how to do that, too. 

How to save Nick

There are five things you have to do if you want to keep Nick alive in The Quarry. Here's what they are and when they'll happen:

  • Chapter 1: While playing as Abigail, break into the cabin and grab the stuffed animal. You'll need this to trap Caleb in the freezer later and to keep Kaitlyn alive.
  • Chapter 3: Also as Abigail, when Nick gets grabbed, choose the option to help him. Later, when playing as Ryan, shoot the hunter that's dragging Nick away to save him.
  • Chapter 6: When Nick throws Abigail across the room, make sure to shoot him. This will also save her life.
  • Chapter 8: When playing as Ryan in the basement with Jacob in a cage, stop Laura from shooting the werewolf, since this is actually Nick.
  • Chapter 10: The final step in saving Nick is either killing or trapping Caleb. While playing as Kaitlyn and Dylan in the lodge, Caleb will come down the chimney in werewolf form. Select Run - Beam - Hide and complete the quicktime events. If Abigail and Emma are in Hackett's office and they have the silver shells, they can pass one to Kaitlyn. If not, you'll find yourself in the kitchen. Choose Freezer - Use decoy to trap Caleb. If you didn't grab the stuffed animal in chapter 1 to use as a decoy, Kaitlyn and Dylan will die at this point.

After you kill Silas as Laura, the curse will be broken, and Nick will transform back into his regular self. 

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