Quantic Dream's David Cage teases 'a lot of surprises' for 2020

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Quantic Dream boss David Cage has kicked off 2020 by teasing the studio's plans for the year, though unfortunately he avoids any specifics. He does promise a lot of surprises for its fans, however, and judging by the tweet they might have something to do with Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit launched on PC last year, following its console release in 2018. It's the fifth game the French studio has launched since it started in 1999 with Nomad Soul, which I will always love for making David Bowie a character. Despite the fact that two out of the three main Detroit characters are pretty dull, it's a surprisingly compelling, consequence-heavy cinematic adventure, and probably my favourite since Fahrenheit. Malindy Hetfeld wasn't quite as convinced in her Detroit: Become Human review.  

While Cage refers to the game in his tweet, a sequel or some kind of follow-up would be new territory for Quantic Dream. Up until now, all of its games have been standalone. But until last year, most of them had also been PlayStation exclusives, so perhaps there are more changes on the horizon. 

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