Quakes Champions update adds new Molten Falls arena

A new July patch for Quake Champions has just rolled out, and among other things it adds a new map. Dubbed Molten Falls, its as bleak and lava-filled as that name implies, with a focus on verticality, wide halls and "great lines of sight". It's available in all ranked and unranked modes, except for Sacrifice.

"The Molten Falls is a new Goroth Map hailing from the Dimension of the Doomed," reads the update post. "Don’t let the name scare you, though – the Falls are rich with eye-catching vertical scenery, wide lanes and ample lines of sight to test your runnin’ & gunnin’ skills."

In addition to the new map, players can now change their name – but they'll need to pay to do so. 'Player Rename Tokens' are now available in the Quake Store for 1500 Platinum, though you can get a 33 percent discount if you act fast.

There's a bunch of champion and weapon balance tweaks, a new UI tutorial, and you'll now need to hit level 10 if you want to participate in ranked matches. Additionally, there's a very long list of fixes which you can peruse over here.

Shaun Prescott

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