Quake Live gets subscription service

Quake Live as you know it - the free, browser-based version of Quake - isn't going anywhere. But it is getting two layers of premium features, for anyone willing to pay an annual fee.

We know that there are two tiers to the service, both billed annually.

The Premium package costs around $24 a year, and gives you access to 20 premium-only maps (including Quake III community maps), a new game mode, and the ability to make your own clan and join up to five clans.

The Pro package costs about $48 per year, includes all those features, lets you create your own server and invite who ever you like, and lets you invite up to three freebie players onto a premium-only map.

Prices are in US dollars at the moment. Community reaction is mixed - the basic package works out at $1.99 a month, but some users feel like they'd get better value for money picking up Quake III in a bargain bin somewhere and downloading the premium community maps for free. You can see their point.


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