Quake Champions reveals lava-flooded Burial Chamber Arena

"Don't worry, Quake Champions is still Quake," Jessica Famularo told us after going hands-on at PAX East. The thought of Quake retaining its roots two decades on while embracing modern considerations such as esports is exciting—particularly when some of its new arenas echo yesteryear.  

id Software's incoming FPS has so far teased polarising champions Nyx and Scalebearer, as well as Blood Covenant Arena, and has now unveiled a second battleground: the haunting Burial Chamber.

Players will step in and "face judgement," so reckons the following trailer's description. It adds: "from the wicked lava pools threatening to overtake the Arena, to the treacherous open spaces, nowhere is safe. Skill is required to traverse this Arena, lest you find yourself tumbling to a molten death."

Yeah best avoid that, as is outlined via these moving pictures: 

From that, Bethesda details six key areas across the map. Shantak's Demise acts as the perimeter for the Throne Room, which is where most of the Arena's open fire will go down. The Throne Room itself is guarded by a towering statue of Goroth and houses multiple floors including high ground fit for sniping, and the Perilous Outcropping is where you'll find a rocket launcher and a teleporter which directs you to the main chamber.

Lava Falls are located on the opposite end and although cover is light, its design facilitates the perfect choke point for tacticians. The Bridge of Retribution marks the Arena's central thoroughfare and, as a result of being open and containing a Power-Up spawn, appears to be the most dangerous part of the zone. 

Of the Arena's Molten Underground area, Bethesda says: "The claustrophobic grave sites are a great place for heavier Champions to hide out, as the winding paths and low ceilings make great territory for high amounts of splash damage. The Molten Underground is heavy on Cooldown and Health, which can be helpful for players that can move quickly, and precisely throughout the area."

Quake Champions' closed beta sign ups are now open—head in this direction to learn more.