Puzzlement is a lovely puzzle game about shifting perspectives, out next week

In a world of Football Managers, GTA Onlines, Divinity: Original Sin 2s, and whichever time-pilfering games you pour your own hearts and souls into, it's nice to take a wee breather from time to time. Earlier today, I dialled things back with Yunus Ayyildiz and Ozan Çelik's Puzzlement—a neat, minimalistic puzzle game about shifting perspectives that's due next week.

Echoing everything from the aspect-altering works of Oscar Reutersvärd and MC Escher, to Monument Valley and the devs' previous game Hocus, Puzzlement has you steering a Pac-Man ghost-like character around a series of cubes—with progression hinged on gathering each level's collection of red squares. 

As is the case with most puzzlers, the game's first few levels serve as a tutorial. Here, you'll learn how to pull yourself over blocks, how the game applies gravity, and that wandering off a level's blacked out walkways will spill you into a different side of the cube. Before long, levels comprise multiple cubes and coloured squares apply different conditions—such as flipping gravity and turning you on your head. 

Check out how all this comes together in the trailer above. I spent longer than I care to admit cracking this early level:

With 50 levels all told—all against a lovely, soothing soundtrack—I look forward to scratching my head through Puzzlement's conundrums in the coming weeks. If you fancy it yourself, know that Puzzlement arrives on Steam on Thursday, February 1. When it does, it'll cost $1.99 with a 40 percent launch discount.