Punch-Snout! Try the Beast Boxing Turbo demo

There's no Mike Tyson. There isn't even Mr. Dream. There are however plenty of beasts who want nothing more than to beat you up in Beast Boxing Turbo - the game that takes a bit of RPG, a lot of action, and offers 15 minutes in the ring to see if it can knock you out in more ways than one.

The first bout at least is entertaining, and... uh... the others probably are as well. As a girl called Char, you don a costume and try to enter a boxing league full of beasts, and even your trainer has no interest in making that easy. Between fights you can spend winnings to upgrade your character and buy more gear. If you win, there's a New Game Plus mode for an added challenge.

The website also promises the chance to "Punch A Turkey In The Face". So there's that.

It's quirky, and well worth downloading the demo . People better at Punch-Out! than I ever was will likely find it considerably easier going. (Most people are better at Punch-Out! than I ever was.)