Punch a unicorn! Fighting nature in Oblivion

After Artry pummels a bear, two imps, and a boar, neither of us are satisfied. I begin to question if I should just go collect nirnroots or court a Dark Seducer instead, but alas, I remember just the creature to still our urges. In the Nibany Valley just north-west of Bravil lies the Harcane Grove , and therein, the most mythical of mythical beasts...

The downside of punching a unicorn, however, is as everyone knows, unicorns are always guarded by a minimum of three minotaurs.

After a hard day of nature punching, I feel good about all I've accomplished. I love Oblivion because right about now, there's nary a creature big or small in the wood without some form of contusion. Every time I boot the game up, there's something new to do or see. I've donated over a thousand hours of my life to it, and there are still caves I haven't plumbed and NPCs I haven't incinerated, and with a huge modding community , there's always a steady stream of content to make Oblivion feel like the first time, every time--and really, that's what life's all about.