PUBG gets shotguns and melee-only custom mode

I once tried to win a bare-fisted chicken dinner, but fell short to a volley of semi-automatic rifle fire. Had my misadventures taken place within PUBG's latest shotguns and melee-only custom mode, things might've been different. Tequila Sunrise invades battlegrounds later today. 

Exclusive to third-person perspective Squad matches within the battle royale 'em up's sandswept Miramar map, Tequila Sunrise runs for just 72 hours—from 7pm today PDT/3am BST tomorrow.

Here, shotgun spawn rates will be increased three times over, as will ammo and melee weapons. Naturally, all other weapons will be removed, but the spawn rates of level 3 bag, helmet and armour combos will be trebled. Level 1 bundles will be upped by 50 percent, too. 

In-keeping with the event's name, the time of day will be locked at dawn. Care packages have also been disabled. 

Between moving house in real life and saving for a weaponised Delorean-esque Deluxo in GTA Online, I missed PUBG's flare-focused custom mode last week. If you had a look yourself, let us know how you f(l)ared in the comments below. Likewise, tell us what you make of Tequila Sunrise.