PUBG dataminer uncovers armour suits, poison apples, leather dusters by poring over game files

How does your PUBG avatar dress? My guy rocks a white t-shirt, baggy utility trousers and a pair of dark and battered high tops. I rock the look with a pair of shades because, frankly, I'm not very good and have barely unlocked anything. 

But a closer look at PUBG's game files would suggest we may be in line (or at least could have been at one time) for a splash of retail therapy. 

As posted by DevinWatson to the MMO battle royale 'em up's corner of Reddit, the post titled 'Data Mining Unreleased Skins / Items' showcases a host of items—54 in total—in varying degrees of completion. 

Other users are quick to suggest some of the gear may be placeholder, or even stuff that was canned prior to where we're at now. This could well be the case, but wouldn't it be cool to have this Legion of Doom-style armour out on the battlefield?

What about this hooded leather duster?

Or these rad camouflage shorts?

Or this space age full-body armour set?

Or… perhaps you should check out the full wardrobe yourself. Head this-a-way to do so.