PUBG celebrates its two-year anniversary by giving out a dusty cap

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds turned two over the weekend. The official launch wasn't until December 2017, but it appeared on Steam Early Access in March. To celebrate, everyone gets a dirty denim cap for free. Quality clothing is hard to find in PUBG, so even a baseball cap you might find discarded in the middle of lonely desert road should be treasured.

"We’ve witnessed a gaming revolution with the birth of the battle royale genre, grew and learned together through beta and early access, and watched our game rise from a small title developed by an even smaller team to one of the most played games in the world," reads the anniversary post from the PUBG team. "We’ve chosen this day as our overall PUBG anniversary for all platforms, as we felt it best reflects our game’s humble beginnings."

PUBG got quite a bit larger in 2018, introducing a pair of very different maps, Sanhok and Vikendi, along with other updates that aimed to improve the quality and stability of the battle royale. But the genre, too, has grown, and now Apex Legends has joined Fortnite in vying for players' time. PUBG Corp says it's not resting, though, and some big changes are on the way. 

The first changes are happening on Erangel, which is getting a lot more buildings and loot. It's not the only map being reconsidered, either. You can check out some of the improvements and tweaks on the test servers. 

Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene recently announced that he was moving on from PUBG. He's staying with PUBG Corp, however, and will still be a consulting creative director. 

You can get the hat now. If you fancy it, find it in the in-game store and grab it for free. It will be available until April 24, so you've got plenty of time. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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