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Psychonauts 2 features a spinning tunnel of teeth, unfortunately

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

I was looking forward to the launch of Psychnonauts 2 next year. Not anymore!

On Twitter, Double Fine shared some concept art from the game's Brain in a Jar world, explaining that it originally had a darker tone before the designers made it the trippy realm we saw back in July's trailer. This led to some people asking about properly creepy worlds, so they're who you've got to blame if you're now scarred. 

Unfortunately, one of the mental worlds we'll be hopping into belongs to someone obsessed with dentistry, so that means lots of teeth. Everywhere. They erupt out of the ground, which appears to be made of gums; they circle you menacingly in a tunnel that can only be going straight to hell; there's even a bridge made entirely of teeth. It's just awful. 

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The fact that the teeth spin makes the whole thing all the more harrowing. 

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Blocked and reported. 

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