Project CARS trailer shows more photorealistic racing; update brings Steam access to backers

Project CARS thumb

Thanks to this dazzlingly pretty trailer, I've just this moment realised that Project CARS is an acronym. Previously, I'd assume that developer Slightly Mad Studios loved cars so much that they couldn't write their game's name without implying an enthusiastic shout of excitement. Instead, it turns out that it stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. And yet, it is about cars. How serendipitous.

Members of Project CARS' crowdfunding platform World of Mass Development are now able to access the game through Steam, enabling auto-updating as new builds are pushed out. Despite the move, the racer isn't yet part of Early Access - and given its unusual community structure, it's debatable whether it ever will be. To access the game, early backers selected a "Tool Pack" , granting various levels of benefits and developer access. Slightly Mad then plan to redistribute 70% of the game's profits to their backers for the first two years after release.

However, with their funding goal reached, Tool Pack purchases are no longer possible - meaning, if an Early Access alpha isn't planned, interested car enthusiasts might have to wait for the game's 2014 launch. Until then, you can get your photorealistic racing fix through the stunning gallery of pictures taken by screenshot wizard Duncan Harris at DeadEndThrills .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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