Prison Architect escapes Early Access

Prison Architect

Prison Architect has finally tunneled its way out of Early Access, after 3 long years of additions and improvements. Check out the trailer above for the pitch, plus some stylish country scat.

With the now widespread popularity of the Early Access model, for many people this may well be one of those 'oh I thought that was out already' releases. If you're the type who likes to wait until devs tell you their game is 'done', however, this is your cue to start building some prisons.

There's been all sorts of excited chatter about Prison Architect since before the alpha was even available, Introversion blending free-form construction and personality into a compelling management sim. Look, like this:


I'm still waiting for the (sadly non-existent) Democracy 3 tie in that lets you choose whether to give prisoners the right to vote.