Primordia players can now enhance their experience with a free graphic novella

In our review back in February, we concluded that Primordia's heavily dystopian world was marred by a few problems, and that its potentially brilliant story doesn't quite get told. The latter is something that may well be fixed now with the debut of "Fallen," a three-part prequel story set in Primordia's robot-ruled universe, whose first chapter was released today.

For players who've already finished Primordia, Fallen adds some further depth to the story, shedding light on some of its more mysterious aspects. If you haven't yet played Primordia, it might well be worth picking up Fallen as a spoiler-free introduction to the world's setting, themes, and robot friends, and enjoyed alongside the game itself (which, conveniently, is part of the latest Indie Royale bundle ).

The novella's available as a PDF at Primordia's website , and also in audiobook form over on YouTube . All three chapters will be free, with the final two being released over the next couple of weeks—and they'll be bundled together into a single PDF after that. Stories aren't often too engaging outside of their video game confines, but I've gotta say, for this sci-fi fan unfamiliar with Primordia's universe, Fallen managed to be quite a compelling read.